Calendar and Event Request Form

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This form must be submitted a minimum of two weeks before date requested, and submission of this request is NOT A GUARANTEE OF APPROVAL nor automatically approved. Wait for email or phone approval, generally within 7 days after submission of this request, before proceeding with invitations or other preparations for your event. Approval, deferment, or denial of requests is based upon church policies, scheduling issues, approval of ministry coordinator, and/or personnel availability. No publicity (flyers, invitations, announcements, posters, registration sheets) will be allowed until after you have received approval of your request.

*For change requests, please enter your new / updated information below instead of your original request information.

Person responsible / in charge during event

This information will be provided on our website calendar unless you indicate in the "Calendar View" section of this form that your event is "not for website".

*Information to appear on our public calendar, social media and graphics (and/or for church staff) should appear here, such as information on speaker, registration, cost, who is eligible to participate, etc. Include information that you would like to see if you were interested in this event.

*Enter only the dates you plan to meet. Holidays when the building is closed will automatically be removed from your request.

Event Time

Submit a separate request for EVENT SET UP if you intend to set up for your event on another day. Decorating the day before requires reserving the areas for these times to avoid schedule conflicts and to ensure that computer-controlled lights, HVAC and doors are set for you. Doors will be selected for you based upon the interior location and start time of your event, and will be locked 15-30 minutes after the start of an event unless otherwise prearranged.

*This is the time at which the doors will be open for you to come in to set up and decorate. If you change this time or choose not to arrive early, contact the church office in order that we may maintain building security and stewardship of resources.

Equipment needs, if required

Please specify the type and number of item(s) needed and for which room(s) the item(s) are required. Worship Center sound must be operated by trained CBC members only. Paper goods and tablecloths are only for Christ Baptist ministry events. Arrangements must be made in advance with your ministry director to gain access to paper goods.

*Training by CBC staff required prior to usage

*Indicate # of handheld and/or lapel microphones required. Worship Center sound must be operated by trained CBC members only.

Paper goods - plates, napkins, cups - for Christ Baptist ministries only

Make arrangements with ministry staff at least one day in advance for access to storage area to gather items needed.

*Only for Christ Baptist ministries (no weddings, or non-church events). Specify the number of tablecloths. Contact ministry staff at least one day in advance to check out the cloths and receive instructions on their cleaning and return.

Additional Comments

Enter below any additional comments or information that you wish to share about your request.


All requests are reviewed before approval, deferment, or denial, and none are automatically approved. Wait for email or phone approval before proceeding with further preparations for your event.