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I call it a joy and privilege to deeply delve into God’s Word each week with women from all ages and different churches. We come together in unity, to grow in the Lord, have accountability to study His Word, and be blessed by it.

We are encouraged and equipped in our own faith, but are also given the tremendous opportunity to encourage other women in various stages of life. The time that has been dedicated to the thoughtful study of His Word has been instrumental to me over the past nine years, weekly recalibrating my heart and constantly reminding me to keep His faithful Word central in my life.

All four of my children have been significantly impacted by the Saltshaker’s children’s program. Even now when our family reads the Bible together, they will often recall their time at Saltshakers. They remember many of the biblical stories through the lens of their time there. Foundational biblical truths are and have been taught to my children.

I cannot thank the children’s leaders enough for the profound impact they have made on my family and many more in this next generation. Saltshakers has and continues to truly be a gift!